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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Poem of the Day!!! My Violent Love

Seasons, wars, winds, kings of vast lands,
Things of past and future grands!
But her smile I swear, her smile-
Never before did one so beguile!

I’ll sing her a song I’ll chant of her beauty, I swear,
Dare you stop me my anger will sure flare!
Watch out,  my love ‘tis a violent one that I gear,
Let any that dares steal my love away forever me revere!
For my vengeance is best delivered by my spear-
Of sharpest steel that you, brother, should fear!

I love her, I do-
I dare you trouble to spew!
Then your life you’ll surely rue,
For my spear your insides will sprew!

So pray listen when I say- I love her, I do!

My Violent Love, a poem by Carol Robi

Rarely do I write love poems, but when I do, they tend to be infused with a certain air of violence. What can I say? I am a proud daughter of the Abakuria tribe. And unfortunate as it may be, we are a rather violent people in temperament. To deny it would be to deny my identity. So I stand here today, gladly embracing my heritage, and proudly dissipating my tendency for violence through my words. A more productive venture, I say.

I wrote this poem, as you might have guessed if you've read my works, while composing the love story between Makena and Nyangi, major protagonists in my book series, A Story Untold.  I'm proud to say that the book has now been published and is available in Amazon, titled A Love Story Untold.

A Love Story Untold


Thursday, 25 September 2014

Poem of the day! The Penwarrior

Today's poem is a throwback. I wrote it exactly ten years ago, back when I was fifteen. I had then been struggling with writing the book that I finally finished this year, A Story Untold.

My biggest fear back then was that I wouldn't be able to capture the true emotions and souls of my characters, as well as the fear that I might not make a good author in the end. I'm happy that it all turned out well, and I'm glad for that fear for it made me strive even harder, and pushed me to grow into what I've become.

The Penwarrior
by Carol Robi

I want to write about pain
The toiling under the sun in vain
That wrinkled outstretched arm
Hoping for a better outcome each time

I want to write about fear
That paralizes all that is near
And keeps us hoping for a saviour
For we are too scared to dare.

I want to write about life,
That which synonyms strife.
A constant struggle, fight we bear
'Till the day from here we'll disappear


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Book Review!!! In Kelly's Corner by Roxie Riviera

In Kelly's Corner (Fighting Connollys, #1)In Kelly's Corner by Roxie Rivera
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is one of those books I really enjoy in the begining, and I'm then unable to read it to the end. It happened the same way with Ivan, the author's other book. Interesting at the beginning, and then somewhere in the middle the story starts waning off.

Here you can see my reading progress, and understand just how much I enjoyed the book at first. The characters were so refreshing to me!

09/16 marked as: currently-reading
46.0% "I'm enjoying it a lot. I love the main character, Bee. She's quirky, fun, sweet and a workaholic that stares at her computer most of the day. I can relate to that! Kelly's also very sweet, manly, alpha without being overbearingly so.. I love the characters already, and the story is interesting enough"
50.0% "I'm starting to get bored.. damn! And I liked the first half so much.. I'll still be reading it to the end though. I still love the MCs too much"
70.0% "So unfortunate. This will have to be a DNF for me. I loved it so much at the beginning, but thereafter it's been a struggle to keep turning the pages"
The MCs, Bee and Kelly, are definitely what had me so interested in the beginning. I was roped in in their story, but then somewhere along the way..

Although I always give all books I could not compel myself to finish two or three stars, this book I shall glady give it three, because it was well delivered and had an interesting enough story. It's only mistake was not being captivating enough for me.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Poem of the Day - Know Thyself, Robi

Know Thyself, Robi
To be me is to be free,
My day my own to plan to choose.
Set plans and norms are there to abuse,
Hours I wake or sleep I self decree.

Mellow eyes of brown, puppy dog's- my best friend said,
Widest smile, infectious smile, beautiful, he claimed.
Easy smiling, easier laughing, positive I'm proclaimed-
Emotional, highly neurotic when distressed I'm famed.

Hair course as grass tuff of the dry savanna I adorn.
The state of my hair, my poor ma does daily mourn.
'Tis my hairdressers' constant source of headache-
For to straighten it I've refused, I won't quake.

Skin, dark brown that near glows when shone,
Body slim and long despite all junk I've fed it.
As a teenager a constant nightmare 'twas, I must admit-
For queries on if I'm aneroxic or bulimic, were frequent, groan!

Comfy clothes I love best,
Throw a sweater, jeans and converse- I'm happily dressed!
My face in a mirror often only twice I see-
In the morning and evening while brushing my teeth.

Disastrous for me are days ventured with make up on, I swear!
Oft upon the pushing of friends or dear mother.
I'm bound to smudge it, mess it, smear it- I'm a lost cause, I declare!
Better it weren't there to begin with, we'd all much rather.

I wrote this poem because someone in a group I'm a member of in goodreads started a discussion thread where people could post description of themselves as they'd like to see it in a romance book.
What started out as an attempt to write a prose description of myself ended up in verse form, but I still managed to get the idea across :)
I'm glad for this exercise for it helped me appreciate things about me, both the negatives and the positives. So go ahead and write one of your own, I'm sure it'll help you too. And feel free to share on the comment line or on the discussion thread.
Here's the link to the discussion thread:


Thursday, 11 September 2014

Poem of the day! Breaking from the mold

Breaking from the Mold by Carol Robi

I wrote this poem as a self reflection on just what has brought me where I am today. I'm still not sure what exactly is responsible, but I know my defiance against fitting any set mold has been a great factor in most of my decisions.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Book Review!!! Game, Set, Match by Nina Malone

Game, Set, MatchGame, Set, Match by Nina Malone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this story.

Izzy was a great MC and Jason was also a wonderful protagonist.

Izzy met Jason when she was in college, and she liked him then, though he chose not to follow through. Years later, she still has feelings for him, and their careers make them meet again.

I enjoyed the story, though not enough for five stars.

I could have done without the foul language, Izzy and Jessica cussed a lot more than I'm comfortable with. However, the story was interesting enough that I managed to get over it.

Jessica, a support character was slightly annoying, and I honestly felt sorry for Simon. His character was hated so much, yet the author didn't convince me enough to make me understand why Nick, Jessica and Izzy were so hard on him.

Here's a detailed look at my reading progress
08/30 marked as: currently-reading
13.0% "I don't know what took me so long to read this book. I'm off to a good start already!"
25.0% "I'm lovin this book. I've read reviews complaining how sexually graphic it is, but I honestly get how the 'sexualization' plays into the story. I like it!"
40.0% "Taking it slow but still loving every minute of it :)"
80.0% "Ok, now I must admit the sex scenes are too much. The story is still interesting though.."
100.0% "Review coming up"
09/06 marked as: read              

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Poem of the Day - Serengeti

Serengeti is a poem I wrote, inspired by the character Nandi in the Drachenburg School for the Supernaturals Books

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Strange Bedfellows at only 99c

An Interracial Contemporary Romance..

Friday, 22 August 2014

Book Review!!! When You Come To Me by Jade Alyse

When You Come To MeWhen You Come To Me by Jade Alyse
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved this book- could hardly put it down from the beginning to the end. A very difficult thing to do, considering just how long it it.
I especially loved the author's style of writing. Especially the first half of the book, though the second half the style dwindled a little. I love the descriptive writing told in an almost poetic way, though of course this contributed to why the book was so long..
I loved the MCs. I warmed up to Natalie almost immediately, but Brandon took me a while. He almost seemed too self-entitled at first, just assuming Nat had nothing to do but drop everything she was doing and listen to his relationship problems. But I soon warmed up to him, and pretty soon I loved him as much as I did Natalie.
I loved riding the rollercoater of emotions that is Natalie's life. Her character roped me in from the beginning, and though this book reads like a very drammatic telenovela, I never once tired of the whole relationship drama.. Okay, maybe in the end, but I blame that on all the weddings lovey dovey sap. I'm not into those.
The constant mention of racial differences put me a little off, not because it is irrelevant, which it isn't, but because it did not need to be mentioned so often. I did not forget that they were of different races between every few pages. However this love story is so endearingly sweet, that almost nothing could stop me from finishing this book. n

A few things put me off:
1. Some plot holes like:
 1.1. We are told constantly that Brandon is a bad dancer- then at some point he miraculously becomes a good dancer.
 1.2. Natalie's original description as an introvert or quiet person is highly debatable- she often had a lot to say to strangers like when she first started hanging out with Scott and Brandon.
2. A few grammatical errors here and there- he instead of she, repetition of the, spelling mistakes- however the story is so intresting, you'll almost never notice them.

Here are notes I wrote during my reading progress..

08/21 marked as: currently-reading
2.0% "Despite the negative reviews I'm reading here.. After reading just two pages- I think I found the book! The one that'll get me out of this slump I've found myself in these past few months. Please be good! Fingers crossed. I'm ropped in by the almost offhand/ understating of emotions.. whatever- I'll tell more later. I'm getting back to the book!"
7.0% "I like this book! Why don't people like it? It's overly descriptive-yes, but I like the writing style- almost poetic. The constant mention of white and black is annoying, but Natalie's emotions are so vivid, engrossing! As said, I like this book :)"
46.0% "Oh lordie I love this book! I know most people that have read it complained about its length,too long, but I honestly never want it to end. There's depth, emotion, interesting plot twists, great character development, situation descriptions- am so glad I picked up this book!"
61.0% "Can'!"
08/22 marked as: read              

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Our Collective Social Responsibility

Let us stand together against all form of prejudice! It is our social responsibility.